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Sterling Silver


Sterling silver 925 is made up of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% of other metals, typically copper. Both the fine silver and other metals are then blended to make sterling silver. This process provides the strength and stabilises the metal to provide the perfect material to create jewellery that will last a lifetime. 


My sterling silver is sourced from an environmentally conscious supplier that uses the latest technology and vast experience to manufacture scrapped silver rather than brand new mined raw material where ever possible. They buy the silver and (other metals) from existing jewellers and refine the silver back into pure silver. 

This environmental approach extends into the advanced manufacturing equipment they use, reducing emmissions, using recycled water and lowering their carbon footprint. The final product of recycled sterling silver is a far more superior and environmental product. 


Over time the other metals within the sterling silver will darken  called "Oxidising" or "Tarnishing". Depending on the jewellery and your own personal preference, this effect can compliment the piece of jewellery with age or if you prefer to give it a clean. 

Sterling silver can always be cleaned and re-polished back to its original glory. Gently use a silver cloth and polish around the stone. Another way is to take it to your local jeweller. 


Step by step guide


All products are packaged into a special Bush Magic Metal gift box and tightly sealed within an Australian Post box with bubble wrap. I will aim to package your order as soon as possible but allow 2 - 3 days to prepare and package your order. I take a lot of care and love in ensuring that it is perfect and packaged safely. 

Order is ready to go

All orders are posted Express with tracking. Once your order is complete and posted, you will recieve a confirmation email, stating product details and your tracking number. Use the Australian Post website to keep track of your order. 

In the post

Within Australia

Australian Post states Express post with tracking will take 1 - 2 business days. But remember that public holidays may differ in each State and Territories. Post is free within Australia. 

Outside Australia

Generally speaking allow 10 - 21 days for your order to arrive. This will depend on the country and the postal services used outside Australia. Don't forget public holidays may be occurring in Australia or other Countries that can effect delivery times. 



Although it is Express post with tracking, I highly recommend you contact me for extra insurance and piece of mind.

Your order has arrived, enjoy! OR THERES A PROBLEM

Undelivered and returned to me

If for some reason I receive your order back at the workshop, I'm sorry but only the first postage is free. You will need to arrange an alternate address and pay for the postage. 

Order is damaged 

If by some chance your order is delivered damaged, I will not take any responsibility for damaged caused by the delivery service. I have had no problems yet with any of the my orders, so insurance is highly recommended for piece of mind. 


Order is lost

If your order has not been delivered around the estimated time of arrival, it may have been lost or misplaced. Checking the Australia Post website with your tracking number may give you an indication of where it might be. Double check that provided me with the correct address, a simple difference can send it elsewhere. Still no luck, contact your local post office for instructions on how to receive your lost order. Please let me know and I'll try and assist if I can. If the address you have provided is the one I have placed on the parcel, I'm sorry I can't accept responsibility for the delivery service losing your parcel.

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