Soft yet striking hues of lilac and blue are the key features of this amazing Boulder Opal. Hand stamped details throughout create a unique statement. Made with Recycled sterling silver and oxidised with a semi matte finish. 



Australia / UK                    N.5 - N.75       

US                                       6.75 - 7.25


Each stone throughout my Painted Earth Collection holds an imagination of its own. Over millions of years boulder opals have been formed in many patterns and colours by the earth. Australian boulder opal is so diverse, each piece tells its own story. What do you see? 


- Winton mined Boulder Opal QLD, Australia. 

- Opal measurements are 24mm by 9mm at the widest parts.

- Total ring length is 48mm by 20mm wide.

- Approx ring diameter is 17.25mm.

- The ring band is approx. 6mm wide. 


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