Gumnuts collected by me on Bundjalung country. These gumnuts have been hot pokered by hand leaving a faint smell of campfire. Combined with fossilised wood opals with flashes of irridescent lilac and blue river tones surrounded by a saw tooth bezel and hand stamped line work.


Fossilised wood opals are a natural stone that was vegetation or wood 100 million years ago. The opal replaces the timber cells creating a beautiful and unique pattern. Eucalyptus is used by Aboriginal people for smoking ceremonies to clease and release bad toxins and promote new growth. Aboriginal people respect the land and all that Mother Nature provides and believe its important to only take what you need to allow for future generations. I always use this approach when hunting and gathering natural supplies.


Length: 80mm

Width: 24mm


- 100% recycled sterling silver

- Hot pokered gumnuts

- Fossilised wood Opals mined in Winton QLD, Australia

- Oxidised hand stamped details

- Handmade fancy sterling silver ear hooks

- Lightweight design


SKU: opal gum sml