These Eucalyptus Caps have been collected by hand on Bundjalung country and processed by me. Taking a moment to appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer is how I recharge and reconnect. Each cap is individual just like the fossilised wood opals used in this design making these a unique pair of beauties. 


Fossilised wood opals are a natural stone that was vegetation or wood 100 million years ago. The opal replaces the timber cells creating a truely unique pattern. Eucalyptus are native to Australia and have always grown around me so naturally this is a source of inspiration. Aboriginal people respect the land and all that Mother Nature provides and believe its important to only take what you need to allow for future generations. I always use this approach when hunting and gathering natural supplies.


Length: 70mm

Width: 17mm


- 100% recycled sterling silver

- Fossilised wood Opals mined in Winton QLD, Australia

- Oxidised with a semi matte finish

- Handmade fancy sterling silver ear hooks

- Lightweight design


SKU: ecap opal