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Each stone throughout my Painted Earth Collection holds an imagination of its own. Over millions of years boulder opals have been formed in many patterns and colours by the earth. Australian boulder opal is so diverse, each piece tells its own story, What do you see? 


- Winton Boulder Opal, QLD, Australia. 

- Opal measurements are 23mm by 11mm.

- Total ring length is 29mm by 12mm wide. 

- Approx. ring diameter is 17mm. 

- The ring band is approx. 11mm wide. 


- For me this stone resonated with a tropical green shoreline.

- Within the sea a sparkling coral reef bursting with greens, pinks, natural black matrix. 

- Along the shoreline a rainforest, filled with every colourful bird. 

- This stone has some serious character. 

- Main stone colours (Natural black matrix, white, bright greens and bright pinks).

- One part of the stone has the complete rainbow spectrum. 

- Recycled sterling silver, hand stamped oxidised stripe and dotwork. 

PAINTED EARTH RING - Freeform Boulder Opal

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