The Banksia Spirit Pendant


- 37.30ct View Gem Koroit Boulder Opal, Koroit, Qld

- 35mm x 16mm x 7mm (Opal size)


- Irregular shape Gem Matrix QLD Boulder Opal

- 18mm x 8mm (Opal size)


- Pendant weight: 90 grams (approx.)

- Length: 11.5cm

- Width: 6cm


- 100 % recycled sterling silver

- Oxidized.


Old man Banksia or Banksia Serrata are plentiful around the Northern Rivers, where I live and create. They're a constant inspiration for my work and my personal spirit.


Banksia's represent strength and resilience. In Aboriginal culture, some mobs would drink the sweet banksia nectar. In coastal areas their wood was carved into sewing needles so they could be used for weaving nets and fishtraps. 


This one of a kind power piece has been lovingly created with my own two hands. It features my signature hand stamped old man banksia's in an open shadowbox style to reveal the stunning gem quality Australian Boulder Opals. 


This piece was featured at "OPAL FEVER" at Jewels on Queen, Woollara, Sydney.


This pendant is available for an interest free layby period, just send me a message in the "contact form". 




SKU: B Spirit Pendant