Banksia Bangle


Inspired by the flower spikes or inflorescences of our Native Banksia. 


Banksia's are plentiful around the Northern Rivers, where I live and create. They're a constant inspiration for my work and my personal spirit.


Banksia's represent strength and resilience. In Aboriginal culture, some mobs would drink the sweet banksia nectar. In coastal areas their wood was carved into sewing needles so they could be used for weaving nets and fishtraps.


One of my favourite pieces to wear, each little flower spike is a moving piece. Making it such a fun bangle to wear. Because the pieces move up and down I find this bangle fits a range of sizes and would best fit a small to large wrist size.


The bangle base is approx. 5mm wide. 


- Hand crafted from recycled sterling silver.

- Unoxidised finished.


SKU: BS Bangle